Monday, January 6, 2014

One of the important asset in Accenture is HSFP Training & Development program - invested US$878 for HSFP

According to Accenture, Accenture invests more for their employees in trainings like HSFP Training, HSFP Online Training, HSFP classroom training to build an extreme professionals in the all fields.

As per 2013 survey by Accenture:

Accenture has invested approximately US$878 million in HSFP training and HSFP professional development and provided 52 hours per employee in educating them in different fields. Employees also have the opportunity to learn from and be coached by the best in the business - supportive leaders and colleagues who can pass on their industry, technical and functional expertise.

HSFP Training is conducted in a variety of ways at Accenture, from classrooms to the web, both locally, globally, digitally and in person.

Head Start Foundation Program (HSFP) - Classroom based    
Head Start Foundation Program (HSFP) - Online / Web based
Head Start Foundation Program (HSFP) - Virtual class          

All new recruits in Accenture attend HSFP Kick-start Orientation during their first arrival, which gives them the essential knowledge they need to launch their Accenture career. HSFP program serves as an introduction to our global network even though it is conducted close to our people's home locations. This is just the first component of training Accenture provide to their new employees.

However, learning doesn't stop when you walk out of the classroom. Accenture global learning portal, my-Learning, directs new employees to over 20,000 online courses, HSFP virtual classroom courses and other HSFP learning materials, to meet almost any business need. Accenture people also learn while they are on the job by using the Knowledge Exchange (KX sites), which is one of the Accenture's vast online encyclopedia. This means Accenture employees are learning every minute of every day of their Accenture career.

The entire process takes place in a supportive environment that enables new joiners to collaborate with their colleagues and draw knowledge from their expertise around the world. 

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